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Our specialist products

We have developed a range of bespoke, specialist products in response to the challenges our clients are facing in the marketplace. 


Six-month programme


Rationale: Sectors such as tech, the built environment and renewables, are growing very fast.

However, many companies in these sectors are compromised by the availability of a pool of skilled workers to fill new jobs.


For many companies, this is THE single biggest obstacle to growth that they face. As a strategic priority, companies must do much more to ensure they are the winners in the war for talent. 

For the best candidates in the market, salary is not the issue - they can name their price - they want to know about 

  • Progression routes

  • Culture

  • Behaviours and values 

  • What a company has to say about carbon/ poverty/ homelessness

  • Who is the CEO/Managing Director and what do they stand for?

  • Is the business an island or does it reach out to the community?

  • Is it open and transparent, will my opinion be sought and does it count?

  • Do staff have the opportunity to challenge or must they conform?

  • Will I meet interesting people?

  • Will I have fun!




To significantly raise the employer brand with the impact tracked and measured via

  • Surveys with existing staff

  • One-to-one interviews with candidates who accept a job offer and those that do not

  • Spikes in website and social media traffic




  • Co-creating an employer branding campaign, to include research, creative ideas, execution and evaluation

  • Generation of six themed short videos, to include drone footage if required, branding and editing

  • Generation of six outputs for the regional/trade media to include a mix of press releases, articles and comment pieces

  • Interaction with client in-house digital and social teams to ensure smooth role out of campaign and maximum exposure on Twitter, LinkedIN

  • Review of campaign to focus on RoI, impact, measurement, next steps


Investment: £15,000 plus VAT


Six-month programme


Rationale: Many companies recognise the fastest route to growth is via external investment and, in particular, venture capital. 

Convincing investors that your business is a winner, depends on many factors, including the strength of your business plan and the confidence investors have in the management team. Getting the right level of investment at the right time in the growth cycle will be a game-changer for many companies, especially those wishing to look long term towards an exit strategy.

We offer a six-month Investment-Ready programme that prepares a company and its management team for this all-important challenge.


  • Strategic advice from a leading North East investor, Chair and Non-Exec

  • Video featuring the management team that can be sent to potential investors as a first glimpse of the business and also placed on the company website and social channels

  • Prepare the management team for first stage interviews with investors to include presentation skills and production of materials

  • Review of website and social channels to ensure these ‘front of house’ channels are providing investors with messages that build confidence and show a company that has a clear position in its chosen market

  • Prepare the senior management team for interview by the news media

  • Build a positive profile of the business and its management team in important trade media in advance of seeking funding 


Investment: £15,000 plus VAT


Six-month programme


Rationale: Every word a CEO says is analysed by customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders.

As leaders they need to demonstrate integrity, communicate with purpose, instil confidence and champion the company’s ethics, vision and purpose.

They also need to build their own personal profiles, to be seen as authoritative figures within the industry they operate.


  • Presentation skills: Filming to analysis personal presentation skills and to identify and implement areas for improvement 

  • How to write a killer speech

  • Building a personal profile regionally and nationally in key media

  • Building links with trade bodies, influencers and, where relevant, local and national politicians 

  • Utilising social media and new media to build a personal profile – video, blogs, vlogs, podcasts

  • How to manage a media interview – to include techniques to take ownership of radio and TV interviews

  • How to protect the image and reputation of a business during a crisis or major issue


Investment: £12,000 plus VAT

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